Amanda Skou

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Amanda Skou is beginning a new chapter in life with help from a superhero. Yes, you read that last line correctly. A superhero.

Her interest in writing, primarily stories for children, began when attending Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN between 2000 & 2005. Since then she’s settled into married life, has three wonderful kids, and works in the field of insurance. However, this entire time, she’s been considering the idea of writing.

Enter ‘Superhero Joey.’

Superhero Joey

With the help of her 6-year-old son Joey, Amanda has begun writing children’s books; her first book is for kids with epilepsy. Superhero Joey shares information about different epilepsy diagnoses, how to care for someone having an epileptic seizure, and what to do afterward. Be on the lookout for Superhero Joey when he arrives this November!


(Pre-Order available at the Deep Valley Book Festival.)

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