Amy Gregg

Amy Gregg is the Minnesota Book Award-nominated author of Relic Chosen: Magic and Madness from North Star Press. She is also the author of Through the Woods and Next Weekend, from Lulu Publishing.
She began her writing journey at a young age and never once thought to stop. Amy is currently working on a rural cozy mystery series soon to be released from Fox Pointe Publishing.
A native Minnesotan who grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, this “city girl” now lives with her husband, daughter, a 15-pound cat, and 100 dairy cows on their farm west of the Twin Cities.

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Farmed & Dangerous

Struck with a one-two punch of losing her grandparents and getting divorced, Minneapolis socialite Lilly Rhoades finds herself back on the family farm to nurse her wounds. Her thoughts of bringing modern flair to country life are cut short when she finds herself not only dealing with the hired man, who turns out to be an ex with a grudge, but also in the middle of a land feud that ends in murder. Releasing mid to late 2021 from Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP.

Through the Woods

While struggling after the death of her parents, Jessi Morrison finds herself starting life over in a whole new way at her aunt's mansion in England. Her reprieve is short lived after she stumbles upon an underground civilization of magical monsters thought to have been hidden and forgotten over the centuries. Now Jessi is caught in the middle of an ancient battle between monster and human to save the place she finally calls home.

Magic & Madness

The forces of magic are steadily spinning out of balance and the governing bodies of wizards, The Covens, are scrambling to figure out why and how to stop the inevitable end of the world. Unbeknownst to anyone, wizard or human alike, the magicks have chosen their savior: Heather McDaniels, a water witch whose only aspirations in life is to glide under the human radar and be as magic-free as possible.

Next Weekend

Krissi and Greg have known each other for years, have spent nearly every day together, yet are miles apart. Krissi is trapped in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend and Greg is too reserved to make that first move. Will the two star-crossed lovers overcome their respective pasts and current obstacles to reach for something new? Their fates will be determined... in one week.

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