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Bryce Stenzel, a native of Mankato, Minnesota, graduated with honors from Mankato State University, earning both Bachelor's and Master's Degree in History. Stenzel has taught in public and private schools, as well as at the collegiate level. In 1989, he developed his first-person portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, presenting to audiences throughout the United States.
Author of eight books on local historical and Lincoln-related topics, he co-authored a book with Julie Schrader on the history and re-creation of Mankato's Boy in Blue Civil War Memorial.
He serves as Chair of the Boy in Blue Civil War Veterans’ Memorial Committee, Mankato Area Community Band President, and Secretary of the New Ulm Battery. 
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His Truth is Marching On

The main title of this dramatic play, "...His Truth is Marching On..." was derived from Julia Ward Howe's stirring, "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Howe penned the inspirational lyrics to this song after attending a U.S. Army troop review, where she heard a contingent of Union troops singing "John Brown's Body." Although irreverent, the original words to the song underscored fiery abolitionist John Brown's successful exploitation of the means to reinvent himself as a "martyr of liberty"...

Lincoln for the Stages

Four plays organized in sequential order, starting with Lincoln's birth and culminating in the tragedy of his assassination. They are age-appropriate for middle school, high school and community drama organizations. The book is unique in the fact that it is not only a collection plays suitable for a wide variety of productions, but it is educational and informative and can be read as a biography. The book offers photographs and biographies of the real people involved in Lincoln's life.

German Immigration to the Minnesota River Valley Frontier 1852-1865

Visable marks of the German pioneer experience on the Minnesota River valley frontier included the founding of New Ulm, as well as the building of gristmills, breweries and smokehouses throughout the region. Many contributions were made by the Germans in social, political and military affairs - especially their active participation in the Civil War and the Dakota Conflict.

We Cannot Escape History

1862 was the most trying year of Lincoln’s presidency, both personally, and politically. On February 20, eleven-year old Willie Lincoln died of typhoid fever, leaving his parents both devastated with grief. After failing to capture the Confederate capital of Richmond in the ill-fated “Peninsula Campaign,” General George B. McClellan was replaced as Commander of the Army of the Potomac by General John Pope.

Mankato Milestones

Many stories and bits of folklore about Mankato people, places and events have woven a rich tapestry of history for this community. This unique book, with its easy to use chronological format, details the history of Mankato, from its inception in 1852 to 2002, the "Year of the Sesquicentennial."

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