2021 6th Edition

Festival Schedule


The 6th Edition program schedule will be posted here when details are available. Please check back. 


Interview with Margi Preus (keynote author)

A conversation with award-winning author, Margi Preus on her life, her writing and her books. Interview with Rachael Hanel.

Book Clubs, Twitter, Instagram—Oh My! Networking with Authors

Authors and readers need each other. But what is the best way to find each other? This author panel will discuss best practices for connecting, from book clubs to social media. Panelists: Phyllis Cole-Dai, Sari Fordham, Barb Greiger, Julie Holmes, Jim Landwehr, Betty Passick, Andromeda Romano-Lax, and Jaye Viner. Moderator: Susan Stradiotto

So You Want to Write a Memoir?

Everyone has a story. Whether you want to write your family story or your personal story for a small or wide audience, memoirist Rachael Hanel will give you tips for how to write true stories in an engaging way. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

Guilty Pleasure Reading

This lively session will feature authors talking about their favorite “guilty pleasure” books. The books that authors say they read might be very different from the books they actually read! Hear their confessions, and weigh in with your own guilty pleasure reads! Panelists: Julie Holmes, Terri Karsten, Jim Landwehr, Paula Morhardt, Susan Stradiotto, Kathryn Sullivan and Joy Riggs. Moderator: Danelle Erickson

The Ins and Outs of Mystery Writing         

Join award-winning mystery-thriller author Chris Norbury for a lively, informative presentation on what makes a mystery a mystery. Topics include the differences between sub-genres such as cozies, thrillers, and police procedurals; how mysteries differ from other genres such as romance or sci-fi; the whodunit component (a crime and a criminal);  story structure and important plot points; importance of setting;  twists, turns, and red herrings; and more. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

2021 Cabin Fever Edition Festival Programs


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New Book Showcase hosted by Nadia Giordana 

Participating authors with books released between October 2020 and March 2021 discuss their new books. Authors: Raven Eckman, Barb Greenberg, Kim Hanzo, Helen Holder, Jim Landwehr, Nancy Peckman, Andromeda Romano-Lax, Amanda Skou, A.J. Sullivan, Susan Stradiotto, Frank Weber, Jaye Viner, and Jason Lee Willis.

Cabin Fever Reads with Margi Preus

Read The Littlest Voyageur by Margi Preus to prepare for this fun and lively book discussion! All ages welcome!

Writing Stories that Engage Young Readers

Join authors Helen Holder and Kathryn Sullivan for a discussion of the differences between children's and middle grade stories.  What voice works best for each and how complicated a plot can you have? Questions and discussion are encouraged.

Try Your Hand at Illustrating! 10 Tips for Illustrating Children's Books.

For aspiring illustrators or anyone who loves to draw, illustrators Kim Hanzo and Kayla Olson-Surface share their top 10 steps to effectively illustrating children's books.

Making a Living From Writing

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn the big bucks from books like Stephen King or J.K.Rowling? While that probably isn’t realistic for most writers, there are ways to earn money from your writing. This author panel will discuss options for the freelance market, including selling articles to newspapers, magazines, and online outlets, as well as work-for-hire arrangements with publishers. Panelists: Melinda Falgoust, Nadia Giordana, Kiersten Hall, Joy Riggs, Katie Roiger, Jonathan Sweet, Frank Weber and Diane Windsor. Moderator: Rachael Hanel

Agent, Editor, Hybrid, or Do-It-Yourself: Publishing Options

Authors can choose from many different paths when it comes to publishing. How do you know if you should pursue a path with a traditional publisher? How does one go about getting an agent? Or is self-publishing the best choice? And what about hybrid publishers, who offer a blend of traditional and self-publishing? Panelists: Ann Aubitz, Peter Bremer, Phyllis Cole-Dai, Chris Norbury, Susan Stradiotto, Jaye Viner, Jason Walz and Diane Windsor. Moderator: Kiersten Hall

New Book Showcase hosted by Joy Riggs 

Participating authors with books released between October 2020 and March 2021 discuss their new books. Authors: Lynn Garthwaite, Kiersten Hall, Sara Krisher, Jim Landwehr, Paula Morhardt, George Murray, and Jason Walz.