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Chris Norbury is the award-winning author of the mystery-suspense-thrillers Straight River and Castle Danger. The stories feature Matt Lanier, a farm kid-turned professional musician whose world is turned upside down by a conspiracy of powerful, ambitious, violent men.

Chris grew up in the Twin Cities and earned a B.S. in Music Education at the University of Minnesota. He advocates for independent bookstores and promotes to book buyers.

A volunteer Big Brother since 2000, Chris donates a portion of all book sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota. He lives in Owatonna, MN with his wife and golf clubs.
Straight River

Two mysterious deaths compel Matt Lanier, a professional musician by trade, into a search for the killer. With no superhero skills other than his brilliant musical mind and razor-sharp hearing, Lanier quickly uncovers a land-grab conspiracy that could mean financial ruin or death for thousands of farmers . . . and for himself.

Castle Danger

Fugitive Matt Lanier, unjustly accused of a violent crime, has been hiding in the northeastern Minnesota wilderness for nine months. The law wants him in jail. His enemies want him dead. He simply wants to survive the most brutal winter in decades.

Cooked to Death, Vol. V: Restaurant in Peace

Cooked to Death, Vol. V: Restaurant in Peace: My short story in this anthology, titled “Killer Tacos” is a cozy food-related mystery with a fantastic recipe included. Thirteen other Minnesota authors also contributed short stories and recipes.

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