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2023 8th Edition
Festival Schedule

10 am-Author tables open 

11 am-Sprouting a Story: Growing the Seeds of Your Imagination Using Life Experience  

Presented by Author Kathryn Randall in the Reading Room

We are storytellers, no matter what age we are. Learn how Kathy created the idea and the characters for her debut book, The Listening Tree, by weaving together life experiences with her passion for science and nature. Sharing our stories of the outdoors with our children and grandchildren is important in a world where our natural world is rapidly changing. What stories are you inspired to share with your children and grandchildren? Using writing prompts and visuals, participants will leave this workshop with handouts and the beginnings of their own stories to share. Bring your memories and imagination—leave with the seeds of a true story or a magical tale!

1 pm-New Ideas for Writing Your Novel

Presented by Author Redmond Herring  in the Reading Room

Mystery writer and author, Redmond Herring will introduce writers to new ideas and techniques for creating great novels, as well as reviewing many standard methods taught in English literature. Writers in this workshop will experience real-life examples. Illustrations… demonstrating… and visual examples will emphasize key elements in Herring’s suspenseful novels… no matter what venue an author is targeting.


This workshop begins with “Choosing Your Story”… “Developing Your Main Characters”  finishing with “Publishing Your Prose”. There will be handouts and an outline for participants. Taking notes is encouraged… please no tape recording or photos. Workshop starts ON TIME. Questions and hopeful answers after session. 

2 pm-Young Writer & Artist Competition Awards

Award presentation in the Reading Room

3 pm-Author tables close

Take your seats in the Readers Room for Keynote Author William Kent Krueger's program. Note reserved seats are for 2023 Festival Friends. 

3:30 pm-What Books Mean to Us All

Presented by Keynote Author William Kent Krueger in the Reading Room

Best selling author of 19 novels, Kent will talk about the books important to his development as a writer, books important to us all, and the threats books face in these perilous times.

All Day at the Festival!

Author tables open from 10 am - 3 pm

Meet a favorite author or discover new ones! Authors of all genres will be selling and signing their books. Their tables will close at 3 pm to allow for keynote speaker William Kent Krueger at 3:30 pm.

Hourly Drawings - 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

5 names will be chosen and posted each hour. Winnings must be picked up by 3 pm.

Book BINGO - For kids and adults

Pick up a BINGO card at the Welcome Table when you arrive at the festival. It's easy to win, have the author mark your card when you find the book listed on the BINGO card. BINGO closes at 3:00 pm. 

Live streaming on Facebook

Face-painting & Balloons









Will be at the Deep Valley Book Festival!

10:30 am - 2:30 pm

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