Dale Swanson

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An award-winning American novelist, poet, screenwriter; and playwright, Swanson’s prose is crisp and swift. His work is well-sculpted and tautly written, always captivating.

He provides a banquet of memorable dialog carrying the reader through situations one can feel as though present at the happening.

Swanson is an accomplished speaker, in demand by schools, history centers, senior centers, clubs, and many organizations wishing to learn the truths within the stories.

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The Thirty-Ninth Man

While balancing on the thin line between the Indian Nations, the Government, the fur traders, and settler families, a charismatic half-breed survives a war and faces the challenge of rescuing his best friend from the largest mass execution in U.S. history.

Tears of Sorrow

Anton McAllister bears witness when the Black Hills are lost, the Bozeman Trail is closed, Custer is defeated, cherished Sioux leaders are murdered, and the final injustice is delivered at Wounded Knee Creek.

Wild Ways

Did you know that all animals communicate with each other? Well, it’s true! I know this because I learned it from a ten-year-old boy named Oscar Johnson, who received the power to talk with them. — Dale A. Swanson Fantasy for 9 to 90 years of age.

Simpler Times

A vivid nostalgic and intimate memoir of growing up in the early 50s. These recollections will return you to a time and place that you cherish and to which you are intrinsically and forever linked, and to which you wish you could return.

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