Deborah Stevens

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Deborah Andruccioli is the daughter of Albert, an Italian emigrant who married Anna Bonderchuk, whose father emigrated from Eastern Europe. Growing up, she often heard Italian and Russian spoken. Raised outside Detroit, she attended Michigan State University.
A desire to do more with her life, one of her early aspirations was to write a book, but year after year she dismissed the idea, feeling she didn’t have the skills to become an author. Finally, pushing those self-doubts aside, she wrote her first novel, which to her surprise won six awards. She is working on the third book in the series.
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The second in the series this time centering around the unprecedented election of the first Jesuit Pope. It opens in St. Peter’s Basilica the scene of a gruesome murder. Could the U.S. one dollar currency found on the body hold the key to who is behind the murder and a plot many believe by the Jesuits to gain power.


In The Serpent’s Disciple, a conspiracy thriller, Peter Romanus, the diabolical leader of the secret masonic order known as Propaganda Due, plans to assassinate the pope, take control of the Vatican, and use its power to control the powerful governments of the world.

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