Gordon Fredrickson

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A former English teacher, play director, farmer, and farm kid, Gordon W. Fredrickson has written 15 books to highlight the heritage of small farms with stories about a farm family in 1950. Like Laura Ingalls Wilder, he includes accurate details that serve to both teach and entertain.
His books for children and adults include two Collector Series of illustrated books entitled the Farm Country Tales series and the If I Were a Farmer series; a book of poems entitled Farm Country Moments; and three books of nonfiction photo essays that feature photographs and stories from farm country.   
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A Farm Country Haying

A coffee table book celebrating the joys and challenges of farm life with over 600 photos of haying history & over 100 stories by those who have grown up with haying in their blood.

Farm Country Moments: Poems, Pictures, and Memories

Prepare to be transported to moments in farm country, circa 1950, with 29 poems & 40 photos depicting the joys & challenges for the men, women, and children involved with tilling the soil.

A Farm Country Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 1950, three children on a small dairy farm hope Santa will visit their house while they help with evening milking. A fact-based story in rhyme and meter, beautifully illustrated.

If I Were A Farmer: Making Hay

Side by side illustration & explanations have Tommy using pre-1950 methods while Nancy uses modern methods as they imagine themselves making hay. Text & glossary in English & Spanish.

Raising Little Duck

Based on the author’s childhood experience, this true story of survival will tug the heartstrings of all ages & inspire readers to cheer for the little creature born with a life-threatening birth defect.

What Colors are Tractors?

Written in playful rhyme & meter making reading fun & making listening a joy for children, who learn to match colors of the natural world with colors of tractors, a favorite children’s toy.

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