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George Hormel

A Tribute to George Hormel 
(1860 - 1946)

The oldest son of German immigrant parents in a family of 12 children, George Hormel, was raised in a firm yet loving household.  He learned values that would carry him through many life experiences.


Born in Buffalo, raised in Toledo, Hormel moved through Chicago, Kansas City, Des Moines, and ultimately, Austin, MN, where he started the Geo. A. Hormel & Company meatpacking business in 1891.


He found friends and opportunities in rural southeast Minnesota that allowed him to build a life for his family, a world-renowned company, and a strong community that continues to thrive long after his passing in 1946.

The Open Road

The Open Road is the chronicle of Hormel's journey from Buffalo, NY, to Toledo, OH, through the Midwest, and eventually to Austin, MN. The stories of his German heritage and family ties, his experiences on the road, and his business philosophies make the book relevant to everyone.

George A. Hormel

George A. Hormel 1860 - 1946

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