Ingrid Kallick 

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Ingrid Kallick

Ingrid S. Kallick is an artist and writer. Born into a small town in Illinois, she absorbed folk art from her immigrant grandparents who hailed from Norway, Bohemia, and Ukraine.


In addition to folklore and fantasy, she had done acrylic, gouache, and oil painting representing her original worlds and stories, as well as illustrations for children.


After raising a family, she returned to her roots in painting, while continuing with advertising and design. Now, striking out on her own, she has chosen to dedicate all of her time to building her style and adding new media to her repertoire.

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A Wee Bit of Irish Lace

Many years ago a young Irish lass named Mara was walking in the woods when she came upon a leprechaun named Sean, busily gathering shamrocks. This book is a chapter book and is perfect for young readers ages 7 and up. Written by Mary Ann Waldron and illustrated by Ingrid Kallick.


The book features re-tellings of two stories collected by the 19th-century Norwegian writer P C Asbjornsen, retold for children by Margrete Lamond and illustrated by Ingrid Kallick.


A 12-tear-old boy tries to save a world made of words in a mythical ancient Mesopotamia, in this 340-page middle grade fantasy novel written byEva Dietrich and illustrated by Ingrid Kallick

Sophia's Quest

A mythic folktale for family bedtime reading, Sophia, a young storyteller, embarks on a quest to search for the missing Phoenix. Written by Wendy Ellertson and illustrated by Ingrid Kallick.

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