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Jason Lee Willis is the author of The Alchemist’s Map, The Dream Catcher Chronicles, and several other fiction and non-fiction works.

As a creative writing instructor, he and his students have produced two volumes of short stories, Tales from the Haunted Valley, as a fundraiser for the writing program.  He is also a professional storyteller (isn’t that what English teachers do?) who has done historical lectures and video series, book talks, radio segments, podcasts, and recently submitted a short story in Rhonda Gilliland’s foodie anthology, Cooked to Death.

Willis grew up in South Dakota and currently resides in Minnesota, where he lives life as a hobbit.

The Alchemist's Map

Genre: Historical Fantasy Renowned French astronomer and expert on Halley’s Comet, Joseph Nicollet, is shown a bizarre map by a Scottish noblewoman who believes it tells the location of the Philosopher’s Stone. When the noblewoman is murdered and the map is stolen, Nicollet embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth behind the ancient legend.

The Fire Handler

Genre: Paranormal Stories of a horned serpent that lives below Lake Manitou are told around campfires, but for Levi MacPherson, his nightmares warn him the legends might be true. To learn about his past, he seeks out his great-grandmother Lily, who seems to be clinging to life just to share her stories. Lily teaches him about ancient prophecies, the magic of the dream catcher, and his darkest family secrets.

The Wintermaker

Genre: Paranormal The souls who die in the waters of Lake Manitou can find no rest, for it is the resting place of the fabled Wintermaker, a dark spirit gathering the dead to him so he might once again walk the earth. To avoid the murder and mayhem experienced in 1962, Levi MacPherson must learn from the mistakes of his mother and great-grandmother who dared to face the dreaded Wintermaker.

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