Kathryn Sullivan

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Kathryn Sullivan is the author of award-winning young adult fantasies The Crystal Throne and Agents, Adepts & Apprentices.
Any place and any object is at risk of
appearing in her stories – the river bluffs surrounding Winona, MN, where she lives, can become the windswept cliffs of an alien planet or the deep mysterious woods of a fantasy tale.
She is owned by a large cockatoo, who graciously allows her to write about other animals, as well as birdlike aliens.
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Agents, Adepts & Apprentices

Twenty-two short stories of magic and off-world adventure for readers of all ages. Tales of wizards training apprentices and interstellar operatives protecting “primitive” worlds.

The Crystal Throne

Two twelve-year-olds are pulled into a magical world of witches, wizards, elves and talking horses and asked to break a curse.

Search and Rescue

A wildlife rescuer finds a very strange baby in the forest, a child stolen from another world.

Michael & the Elf

Michael likes to pretend. When he rescues a tiny elf in his parent's garden, however, a witch threatens to stop Michael from pretending.

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