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Kirk House Publishers is a hybrid publisher who has been in business since 1994. A hybrid publisher is a publishing house that operates by combining the best of both self-publishing and traditional publishing. Hybrid publishing is based on a contribution to cover initial production and printing of the work to be paid by the author. We offer a competitive royalty and work with the author to support their cause. Kirk House Publishers not only handle the publishing but the production process as well, producing all books in-house. With over 300 titles on our backlist and more books published every month, we are the publisher for you.

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What Have you Done Since I Left?

Donna Mathiowetz has been working in the arena of loss, grief and resiliency for almost three decades. She has been a national speaker for a variety of organizations and corporations. She has created the content for groups who are supporting parents who have lost a child. Genre: Self-Help

The Bear in the Middle of Between

During a blustery February blizzard, Claudia risks the weather and ventures to the only place where she feels peace-Banning State Park-with one purpose. Claudia's plan is interrupted when a mystical stranger appears and struggles to take away her gun. Plummeting off a cliff on to the rocky and frozen Kettle River, they journey together into a den of transformation. Will she survive? Will she find hope? Genre: Fiction

hired front cover only 09232020

If you or someone you know is struggling with the daunting process of finding a new position, as well as learning what to do—and not to do—in order to meet people, network, and make connections who can help you learn about job openings in your field, Hired is for you. George C. Murray provides many clear and easy-to-implement ideas that make you stand apart from other candidates. Genre: Self-Help

The Seasons of Divorce

Wherever you are in the divorce process, The Seasons of Divorce offers support for your journey, and reminds you that you are braver than you ever imagined—and that you are not alone. The journey through divorce can be a difficult and often painful, yet it offers an extraordinary gift: the gift of rediscovering yourself. Genre: Self-Help

The Confidence to Speak

The real truth: There is no such thing as a fear of speaking! This book promises to crack open your panic-stricken mind, pull out the sticky junk, and wedge in a healthy dose of confidence and charm. In this insightful and honest account, Sara Krisher, an international speaker, doesn't hold back from telling it like it is. Genre: Self-Help

Starless Midnight

As a teenager, Jadey Evans’ family fled their small town to escape the kind of conflict that only a dysfunctional family would recognize. Her own discovery of a murder victim close to home begins a race to crush a white supremacist terror plot while saving her own life. Is there anyone in Twin Station she can trust? Genre: Fiction/Mystery

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