Linda S. Miller

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Born in Minnesota, Linda Miller grew up in North Minneapolis with her seven siblings. Her father was a neighborhood barber and her mother worked at one of the local restaurants. During her formative years, reading and writing became her favorite pastime activities. Married right out of high school, Linda raised three children while attending community college and operating an in-home childcare program focused on early literacy, and diversity and inclusion. Due to limited resources to support her program curriculum efforts around inclusion, she began writing children’s stories, songs, and rhythmic rhymes. Currently, Linda lives in South Minneapolis with her family.
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Myleigh's Magical Curls

A beautifully illustrated short story about a girl, her curls and the bond that developed between her and her father following divorce when he had to learn to do her hair. It's also a story about the faith and determination of a father to foster stability during a time of change and transition. Myleigh's Magical Curls also offers tips for loving and caring for curly hair!

The Two Flowers

The Two Flowers is a short story about two roses that are treated differently and what happens to each of them. Their story illustrates the cycle of privilege, oppression and social injustice based on behavior and choice. Activity suggestions and information for adults working with children are included in the back of the book. These activities will help navigate follow-up discussions and expand learning.

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