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Lydia Emma Niebuhr has undergraduate degrees in both Chemistry and Biology and a graduate degree in Chemistry. She began her career in medical research at the University of Minnesota, later transferring to the Hormel Institute, and then onto Hormel Foods Corporation in their Research and Development Department. Although Lydia Emma wrote during those years, she didn’t become a full-time writer until 2010.


Lydia Emma lives on a farm near Corning, MN. In addition to her husband Dean, her family includes three children, their spouses, and eight grandchildren.

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The Sand Dancer

Two-year-old Carrie Morton was found alone in a cabin behind the man the county sheriff had just shot to death. Although a game warden reported seeing a woman at the cabin, the woman was never found. The woman's identity and disappearance remained the subject of rumors that followed Carrie as she moved through a series of foster homes on her way to adulthood. After Carrie left her last foster home, she remained in Sanstone, living a life without close ties to anyone. 2020 - Fox Pointe Publ.

The Hitchhiker

Life in quiet Sanstone, Prescott County, Minnesota was rocked by the discovery of a body at the bottom of iconic Glacier Cliff in the Prescott Game Preserve. The body was one of their teenagers, Erick Harman, known for his drug parties in the game preserve. The initial assumption was that Erick fell over the edge deliberately to avoid going back to a drug rehab center. Detective Thad Wheeler, new to the sheriff's department, finds conflicting evidence suggesting it was murder... Oct/Nov 2020

The Badge

Investigative reporter Mike Knowles is forced into hiding after hacking into a thirty-year-old sealed police file. He makes a desperate call to his friend, Detective Thad Wheeler, for help. In order for Thad to help Mike, he must weave together events that happened six months ago with the discovery of a body thirty years ago. The badge found by the body becomes the key to finding that connection. Upcoming: Dec. 2020

Sarah's New Moon

Sarah Herrmann arrived at her new home in the Minnesota Territory in the spring of 1856. Sarah began a journal during her travel from Ohio to Minnesota and continued to write of her life for many more years. Her first friend in Minnesota was New Moon, a Dakota girl who lived on a reservation near the Herrmann homestead. Sarah's early gifts to New Moon were papers for her drawings and a notebook to write about her life. 2017, self-published

Summer's Attic

Eleven-year-old Summer Wilkens was excited to finally move into a real house, not an ordinary house, a mansion called Ebony Wood. The mysterious sights and sounds in the old mansion soon has Summer wondering if staying at Ebony Wood had been the right decision. 2016, self-published

Billy and the Bombers

Playing baseball was the only way ten-year-old Billy Harris wanted to spend his summer. As soon as the final bell on the last day of school rang, he and his friends were ready to start practice. They were sure this year their team was good enough to be county champions. Then his parents announce that the family must move, shattering all of Billy’s summer baseball plans. 2015, self-published

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