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Born in Emmetsburg, Iowa, Mary Ann Waldron grew up and graduated from high school in Sherburn, MN. She received her teaching degree from Northwestern Missouri State University and taught elementary school children for many years in Britt and Estherville, Iowa. She retired and moved to Mankato, Minnesota. 
A lifelong teacher, she tried to inspire her students to have a goal and follow their hearts. In recent years, she authored five children’s books.
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Can Candy Save Christmas?

Santa's compound is a happy place to work until one year things go haywire. The elves work extra hard, and the animals step in to help with the increased demand for toys. Santa and the reindeer take flight on Christmas Eve, but the sleigh is too heavy, and the reindeer are in danger. With Christmas at stake, Santa presses on, but the sleigh falls apart and the team is forced to make an emergency landing in Alaska. A chapter book ages 7-12. Illustrated by Monica Zrust.

Can Any Bunny Be An Easter Bunny?

Carob is a little bunny that lives in an enchanted yard full of animal neighbors. His dream is to be an Easter Bunny. Even though the other bunnies said that he could never be an Easter Bunny, Carob never gave up on his dream. This is a wonderful story about dreams, friendships, lessons learned, and making good choices. This chapter book for ages 7 and up. Illustrated by Monica Zrust.

A Wee Bit of Irish Lace

Many years ago a young Irish lass named Mara was walking in the woods when she came upon a leprechaun named Sean, busily gathering shamrocks and singing a happy song: "A shamrock is a wonderful flower; With three little leaves it has much power. A lifetime of happiness, ya must agree, Means everything good comes in cycles of three" Sean presented the beautiful bouquet of shamrocks to Mara who was soon to be married. For ages 8 and up. Illustrated by Ingrid Kallick.

All Messy and Sticky

Herman was a silversmith and worked all day in his shop heating, hammering, and shaping silver metal. People came from far and wide to Herman's shop because he was the best silversmith in the county. His wife, Hanna loved her family, but disliked what happened when they ate. They used their fingers to bring food to their mouths. With their fingers all messy and sticky, they wanted to clean them before they took their next bite. Illustrated by Monica Zrust.

Nellie’s Right to Vote

During America’s early history, women were not allowed the same basic rights as men. Women were not allowed to own property, keep the money they earned, or vote in an election. Women were expected to focus on housework and motherhood, not politics. This is Nellie’s story about her right to vote. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, 1920-2020, this book is filled with historic photographs used to tell Nellie’s story. Her story is similar of most women in 1920.

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