2020 New Titles


Books by 2020 DVBF authors released between October 2019 and October 2020

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Dead West

Village of Scoundrels



What if a Fish

Nellie's Right to Vote

An Orchid Falls

For the Sake of One We Love vertical cov

Red Shoe Adventure Club

Blue Earth County Historian, Vol. 3

A Farm Country Haying

Essence of Life

Gifts of Fire and Ice

Monster Dog: Life's Lessons Learned

Monster Dog: Tasse's Diary of Secrets


Alzheimer's Final Cover

Of Priests and Porcupine

The Sand Dancer

Bob E Bear Goes Fishing

Mindy Saves the Day

JELLYBEANS Coloring Book

Blue Frog

Days of Doze

Night Maze

The Legend of Goshado

David's Pretzels

Mausdrachen Curse of Laxness

Myleighs Magical Curls

The Two Flowers

Black Nerd Blue Box

Big Ass Aliens

Milestones and Memories of the St. Olaf Band

Superhero Joey

I Painted A Magenta Flamingo

Glorious Gerties Fabulous Fireworks

An Unusual Tale

Simpler Times

Silver Box

The Littlest Voyageur


Grave of Songs


Dear God Are We There Yet

Finkle & Frannie

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