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Books by DVBF (Cabin Fever) authors released between October 2020 and October 2021
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Muse of Wynter

Late Side of Midnight

Gangster in Our Midst

Jane Of Battery Park Final


The Emerald Green Horse

The Alchemists Map

Wait for God to Notice

Annie and the Wolves


The Seasons of Divorce

The Confidence to Speak

Augurs Assassin

Starless Midnight

Blood Moon

What Have you Done Since I Left?


The Bear in the Middle of Between


Walk Lightly

Cooking Up Trouble

Life As We Age


Lying Close


Sleep Over With Grandma

The Littlest Voyageur


Betsy, Tacy & Friends Paper Doll Book

Terrific Tongues

The Best Magic of All

The Mardi Gras Tree

My Friends The Penguins - Penguins in Space

The Blue Frog

Five Friends Deep

Bob E. Bear Becomes a Big BrotherR

My Friends the Penguins - Make Soup Together

Finkle & Frannie

Dear God Are We There Yet

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