Paula Baysinger Morhardt

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Paula lives in the Midwest with her gardens, her rescue cats, and is visited regularly by her five grandchildren.
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Sweet Sour Cherries

Ralph can be a very well-behaved bunny when he wants to be. Will Ralph learn his lesson after eating a particularly sour cherry pie? A picture book for young readers, Suitable for ages 3 to 7

Through the Garden Window: Season of Harvest

The book contains twelve essays on gardening, harvesting, and cooking for a year, from planning in the winter to putting the garden back to bed in the fall and is complete with authentic recipes from the author’s grandmothers’ and great-grandmother’s recipe boxes.

Days of Daze

This 23-poem, hardcover-chapbook, is filled with cats, bugs, heart wrenches, soul searching, and backed up sinks. It contains comments about things everyone knows - or thought they did. Waking in a daze, walking around in a daze, entire days of daze. 2020 - Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP

Night Maze

This 23-poem, hardcover-chapbook, is filled with strange and unanswerable questions - or are they? Monsters under the bed, children questioning, women living with wolves, snowfalls, gateways to other worlds, all asked in poetic form. 2020 - Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP

Widow's Walk:  How My World Ended And What Happened After

The Widow’s Walk is an honest, rough, and raw accounting of the roller coaster ride that one widow went on after the sudden death of her husband. In real time she chronicles the haze she must now travel as a widow, single and on her own for the first time in her life. Paula invites us in to witness the tears, anger, frustrations, the small daily triumphs she finds she must cling to for survival, and eventually recovery.

Widow's Tears of Sorrow

This companion book to Widow's Walk contains all the poems I wrote from the first day - when I found my husband of 42 years dead in his chair - to almost three years later. These poems are hard, they are gritty, and they are real. My hope is that these poems touch your heart, and let you know that you are not alone, that at some point we all go through this in our lives, and while our grieving is personal to each of us, we're all in this together. With love, Paula Baysinger Morhardt

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