Raven Eckman

Books have always been Raven's passion... Well, after her grandmother's challenge to read a book a day, and obtaining her B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.
Currently, she's drowning in her 'TBR' (to be read) list, revising her 'WIP' (work in progress) while brainstorming a new project and expanding her freelancing business - all while looking for more bookish things to get involved with.
Rae's debut novel, Shadowspeak, will be published by Fox Pointe Publishing, LLP, January 2021.
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While Raven's debut novel won't be released until January 2021, she does offer Editing Services through her business, A New Look On Books.



Once there was a girl who spoke to shadows... 

Rune's mother is uncaring and her brother is too young to protect her, so when Rune's father sells her to the depraved city of Wraith at the young age of ten, no one stops him. His last words to her are of a debt he cannot pay. The shadows who’ve kept Rune company as long as she can remember, seem to know what he speaks of, and yet they keep their silence.

And so Rune grows up living in servitude to Wraith’s brothel and its manipulative mistress, Agata, all while having only the faintest recollections of her forgotten childhood. Years later when she finally escapes Wraith, a wild place wrapped up in hedonism and old-world ritual, she vows to never return...

When a child prince is kidnapped by a masked killer in a neighboring kingdom, however, Rune no longer has a choice. Joined by Weylin, her old love and a fellow Wraith runaway, she returns to the accursed city and the shadows of her past.

Not all is as it seems as threads of memory begin to unravel, revealing old lies and dark secrets.

The debt of her past may be too high to pay.

The shadows are speaking.

Death is waiting.

© 2020 Deep Valley Book Festival

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