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Selma P. Verde has been a creative writer since she was a kid, starting with silly plays and creative storytelling. It was her dream as a teenager to write and publish a novel. As an adult, watching the kids around her growing up and learning life’s lessons inspired her to write about some of the challenges teenagers face. Those are the themes she focuses on in her coming of age novels for the teen and young adult audiences.
Selma lives in Minnesota with the man in her life, Jim, his two sons Max and Mitch, and their cat Sophie.
The Hard Way

Paul Jones started his freshman year of high school without his best friend, Desmond Peterson, who moved away during the summer. He meets Anik Hatcher who introduces him to his friends. Little did Paul know by being loyal to these friends he would become a key player in their most violent prank yet.

Shawn’s Way

Publishing in November of 2020, book two of The Way Series. Shawn Townson is a freshman at Mulston High School. His older brother, Caleb, is a hot shot senior on the school’s varsity baseball team. His teammate, Josh Alberts, learns his last year of varsity baseball will not happen because he spent the past year in juvenile detention. How does Josh deal with his anger? Find out in book two of The Way Series.

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