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Sunday Festival Schedule



All LIVE programs including the opening and closing announcements, author Q&A sessions,

giveaways and drawing are available to view on Zoom.

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10:45 am CST


Welcome to Day 2 of the Deep Valley Book Festival

Kick off the festival with a live welcome from MCs Rachael Hanel and Danelle Erickson. Join in and let us know where you are, wherever you are!

Live shout-outs to attendees and exciting announcements.

It's time to let the celebration begin!


11:00 am CST


Minnesota Writes: Minnesota Authors from the Past panel

Minnesota authors portrayed by living history actors discuss “their” books in their own words taken from past interviews and articles. 

Panelists: Wanda Gag (Amy Larsen), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Michael Koester), 

Sinclair Lewis (Silas Dose), Maud Hart Lovelace (Christina Koester) and 

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Cynthia Ladd).

Reporter: Shealyn Kawlewski 

EVENT LINK:  Will be posted on the day of the event.

12:00 pm CST


Deep Valley Young Writer & Artist Competition Awards

More than 40 young writers and artists ages 7-17 entered this year’s competition. Cash awards will be given for first, second, and third place in five different age categories for both writers and artists. View a PDF of writer and artist entries on October 4.


MC/Judges: Rachael Hanel, Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Melanie Cashin, Ann Fee, and John David Paul.

EVENT LINK:  Will be posted on the day of the event.

1:00 pm CST


Writing for Young Minds

Children's Book Writers panel

Children’s writers discuss how they craft stories for young readers and the difficult work in conveying a message in few, simple words.

Panelists: Anika Fajardo, Linda Miller, Terri Karsten, Thea Kvamme, A.J. Sullivan

Moderator: Kiersten Hall

EVENT LINK:  Will be posted on the day of the event.

2:00 pm CST


The Road to Publishing

As the world goes digital, new paths are opening to writers seeking an authorial career. Hear from authors who have chosen to self-publish or traditionally publish and why they chose that path and what opportunities exist.

Panelists: T. Aaron Cisco, Phyllis Cole-Dai, Chris Norbury, Dale Swanson, Jonathan Sweet

Moderator: Rachael Hanel

EVENT LINK:  Will be posted on the day of the event.

3:00 pm CST


Imagination Goes Wild

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writers panel

Fantasy and sci-fi writers rely heavily on their imaginations to create settings that are out of this world. Panelists discuss what it takes to write highly imaginative stories.

Panelists: T. Aaron Cisco, and Kathryn Sullivan

Moderator: Kiersten Hall

EVENT LINK:  Will be posted on the day of the event.

4:00 pm CST


Live Q&A with Festival Authors

Deep Valley Book Festival authors will be available to answer audience questions about the writing process, the path to publication, and the writing life.

Panelists: Raven Eckman, Julie Holmes, Terri Karsten, Thea Kvamme, Joy Riggs, Bryce Stenzel, Dale Swanson, Susan Stradiotto, A.J. Sullivan

Moderator: Rachael Hanel


5:00 pm CST


Drawing, Special Announcements & Closing

MCs Rachael Hanel and Danelle Erickson host the final drawing of the festival


Thank you for attending the Deep Valley Virtual Book Festival!


  Oct. 2, 2021

Deep Valley Book Festival - 6th Edition

Watch our website and Facebook page for information about the

6th Edition of the Deep Valley Book Festival

October 2, 2021.

Thank you for joining us at the VIRTUAL #DVBF2020, this year.  Please keep up to date with happenings & announcements at www.deepvalleybooksfestival.com.