Susan Stradiotto

Susan Stradiotto hails from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where she spends early mornings plotting her next story, whether it be fantasy or romance. She’s married to a wonderful person who tolerates all the friends she’s developed in her head. They live with three other roomies (who claim to be their children) and the real head of the household: a 90-pound Bernese Mountain Dog and a baby Dachshund.
Susan has published 3 fantasy novellas, a fantasy short story, a romance novel, and 2 romance novelettes. She currently has 3 romance novels in the funnel for publishing (under pseudonym Julia O. Greene) and will be releasing a fantasy series involving dragons in 2021.
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Open Season, 1st of the Caeteran Tales

Javine is the hunter. Elle, the hunted. Open Season begins on Earth and journeys into a world where things aren’t quite as peaceful as the inhabitants would want newcomers to assume.

Sixth Induction, 2nd of the Caeteran Tales

Among the traditional houses, dark forces are at work. Sixth Induction is the second episode of the epic fantasy series, the Caeteran Tales. Elle has a choice, or so they say. After they kidnapped her, what reason would she have to stay in Caetera?

Cursed Talent, 3rd of the Caeteran Tales

He’s definitely reading my mind... Trapped between worlds, truly belonging to neither, and given very little in the way of answers, Elle grows more confident that she should have chosen differently at induction.

Singles Retreat

No better place in the world to fall in love! A vacation romance set on the romantic Mediterranean island, Capri, Italy. Ren Hawkins going to an exclusive singles retreat on the romantic Mediterranean island. But the most outlandish part; she'll finally come face to face with a man she's only met online . . . Jaxon Andolini.

An Orchid Falls

Sometimes you have to fall to figure out what’s important. The secret ingredient Chef Dominic Moretti has yet to factor into his perfect recipe: Callista Lindley. The variable divorcee Callista Lindley doesn’t work into her recovery plan: restaurateur, Dominic Moretti.

Sculpted (only available in Kindle Edition)

A spark flies over art and the human form. A meet-sweet romance set in the Twin Cities. A surgical resident at HCMC, Jassmine is only trying to make ends meet. Mattiu wants nothing more than to abandon his full time job for his art.

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