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Melanie Black

Melanie Black

Melanie Black is the author of the “mind-bendingly cringeworthy” novel Attempted, the first book in the psychological drama series scheduled for release Fall 2022. Black also owns a Copywriting & Content Strategy business serving client brands around the US. As a women's advocate, she leads workshops and speaks at all-women conferences to promote, educate, and train others in crafting meaningful content to market their businesses.

While she grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she now lives along the sparkling St. Croix River with her family and their darling pooches, Patsy and Dolly.

Melanie has always known she wanted to be a writer, ever since she was a little girl clutching her pen and paper on the playground. Her first publication, a poem called My Reflection, was in the fifth grade. She couldn’t wait to grow up and be a writer. And now she is… and a happy one at that.

Melanie enjoys writing dramas, psychological and fantasy thrillers, historical fiction, and remains an avid poet. She writes her masterpieces from a desk that peers out into the wonders of her own acreage.

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