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Living in the shadow of the Mississippi River bluffs, Terri Karsten has been a writer and educator for many years with a keen interest in the past.
Her novel, A Mistake of Consequence (2015, B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree) takes readers into Colonial America. Her second novel, When Luck Runs Out (2017) is an orphan train story for middle-grade students. In 2020, Terri published The Legend of Goshado: A Japanese Folktale (a picture book) and Mindy Saves the Day (an early chapter book).
Speaking engagement topics include indentured servants in Colonial America, colonial cookery, orphan trains, and writing workshops.
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Mindy Saves the Day

Mindy Piper wants to go to the annual 4th of July Kiddie Parade, but babysitting her mischievous little brother takes all her wits. How will she ever manage both?

The Legend of Goshado

The Namahage demons come stomping and roaring down from the mountain to steal chickens and children. How will the villagers ever stop them?

Lost and Found: Tales of Things Gone Missing

Fifty-seven authors share stories and poems of the lost and the found, from the heart-wrenching to the humorous, this collection has something for everyone.

Snags and Sawyers

Three young men canoe the Arkansas River from Pueblo, Colorado to New Orleans in 1949. Based on diaries, letters, newspaper articles and interviews.

When Luck Runs Out

Fleeing New York City in 1869, Meg Kelly heads west on an orphan train in a desperate search for a home for herself and her little brother.

A Mistake of Consequence

The romantic adventures of Callie Beaton, kidnapped from Scotland, indentured in the American Colonies and desperate to get home.

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