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Thea Kvamme was born in a small town in northern Minnesota but grew up in Decorah, IA. She is currently living in Minnesota again with her family and is a mom to four great kids. She has always dreamed of being a writer and took creative writing classes in both high school and college.

Upon receiving her mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Thea quickly realized she needed to write a children’s book to help them through the process of having a grandparent or other family member change, as well as help them understand what is happening. Her debut book, Mausdrachen - Curse of The Laxness, released in August 2020, and is a fantastical children’s fiction book for the young reader, ages three to ten years old.

Thea has four more books in the Mausdrachen book series scheduled for 2021.

Mausdrachen - Curse of The Laxness

Mausdrachen is part mouse and part dragon - he has beautiful pink sparkly wings, whiskers, soft gray fur, a long tail, and the biggest heart of anyone. He loves his best friend, Hannah, who he has been with since he was very young. He keeps Hannah and her friends safe and helps them through any danger that comes their way. When the fear of Alzheimer's Disease sets in with Hannah's grandmother, Mausdrachen is there to help any way he can!

Mausdrachen - Curse of The Laxness

Mausdrachen - Curse of The Laxness is a fairytale about a grandma with a memory curse whose granddaughter goes on a quest to find her. The story is an allegory for a family coping with Alzheimer’s Disease and how to explain it to young children. Written for children ages 6 to 10-years-old.

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