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Fox Pointe is a small press of professionals who are particular with whom we work. We pride ourselves on our ethical and dedicated work habits. Personal and professional integrity is the key to success.
We prefer to work with authors who are dedicated to their writing craft and are willing to be participants (at varying levels) in the process of getting their book/project to market.
To date, we publish 24 to 30 titles per year.  Any genre is welcome for submission consideration.
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Fox Pointe Authors & Illustrators participating in the 2020
Deep Valley Book Festival

Children's, YA, Adult Fiction
Alicia Sanchez
Non-Fiction, Philosophy, Self-Help, Artistic, Crafts
Amy Gregg
Fiction, Cozy Mystery
Carmen Tribbett
Helen Holder
Kiersten Hall
Children's, Adult Fiction, Humor, Memoir
Lydia Emma Niebuhr
YA, Cozy Mystery
Paula Baysinger Morhardt
Poetry, Children's, Memoir, Philosophy
Raven Eckman
Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal
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Thea Kvamme
Amanda Skou
Amanda Skou
Kayla Olson-Surface
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