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Betty Brandt Passick

Betty Brandt Passick

Betty Brandt Passick is an author, speaker, and teacher. She is the author of four books: The Black Bag of Dr. Wiltse, Murder on the Prairie (available Oct. 2021)—the second novel in the Gangster Series; Gangster in Our Midst: Bookkeeper, Lieutenant and Sometimes Hitman for Al Capone); We Are Eight, a Memoriam; and Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church, 125 Years, 1888-2013. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in the Des Moines Register; WINK magazine; Thoughts and Prayers for Those Experiencing Loss, an Anthology; and Saints with Slingshots 2, and others. She writes a personal column for an Iowa newspaper. You’ll find her teaching classes on how to write a book of memories, and journaling.

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