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Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson

A fan of the Little House series of books since elementary school, Cindy found herself on a quest within the newspaper archives of Minnesota and South Dakota. She had become curious as to how accurately the Hard Winter of 1880-81 had been portrayed in Laura Ingalls Wilder's novel The Long Winter. What started as a personal curiosity blossomed into an award-winning book. Using information from a few thousand newspaper articles, The Beautiful Snow follows the winter as it unfolds, week by week, and weaves it in and out of the monthly activity within Wilder's book.

Cindy grew up in Bloomington and lives in Elysian. She is completing her second manuscript while also fitting in hiking, biking, kayaking, quilting, learning cello, and a great deal of reading (mostly history or historical fiction but some great Minnesota-author mystery, too!)

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