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Daniel Rehm

Daniel Rehm

Daniel Rehm became a full-time writer after a long career in the paint and industrial coatings industry. Dan wrote Let Flowers Be Flowers between 2008 and 2011 to include various landscapes he knows very well – from the coulee area of western Wisconsin to the boreal forest of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. He enjoyed writing Let Flowers Be Flowers because he was able to explore both character development and bringing to life the various relationships among men and their families. In addition, exploring the sociopathic nature of a killer – what motivates a killer, what haunts a killer, and what purpose that killer believes he has in his life.
In 2020, he wrote the series The Adventures of Philippine Maximine, PI in an effort to capture the essence of some of the characters found in Flowers. It is in Philippine Maximine where you first meet Darlene and Bob, The Hunter, as well as others from the Flowers hunting party.
The Hunter’s story continues in The Troll Hunters. Dan enjoyed writing The Troll Hunters in 2023 weaving some of the fun of Philippine Maximine, PI into the dark undertones of Flowers. He is excited to introduce new characters as well as refresh readers with some old and dear friends in this modern and timely standalone thriller.
Dan launched Rudbeckia Productions, LLC in 2020 to publish his work and vowed to never sell another gallon of paint as long as he lived.
Dan lives in North Branch, MN with his wife and four children.

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