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David Pichaske

David Pichaske

David Pichaske is Professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University. He has enjoyed Fulbright fellowships to teach in Poland (1989-91), Latvia (1997-98) and Outer Mongolia (2003). He has published three dozen books, including Beowulf to Beatles (a poetry textbook), Chaucer's Literary Pilgrimage: Movement in the Canterbury Tales, Writing Sense (a college composition textbook), A Generation in Motion (America in the sixties, with special attention to music), The Pigeons of Buchenau (short stories), Exercises Against Retirement (poems), Harassment: A Novel of Ideas, Late Harvest: Recent Rural American Writing, Song of the North Country: A Midwest Framework to the Songs of Bob Dylan, Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People, Rooted: Seven Midwest Writers of Place, Poland in Transition: 1989-1991, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) 2003, Ghosts of Abandoned Capacity (in Poland and Southwest Minnesota, Crying in the Wilderness (a memoir), Here I Stand (collected essays), and most recently The Secret Places of Southwest Minnesota--a book filled with places and photos. As publisher-editor of Spoon River Poetry Press and Ellis Press, Dr. Pichaske has published over 150 books by other authors, mostly from this area, including Bill Holm, Linda Hasselstrom, Dave Etter, Norbert Blei, Bill Kloefkorn, Leo Dangel, Joe Amato, and Adrian C. Louis.

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