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James McKenna

James McKenna

James McKenna is retired, living in southern Minnesota, and feels it is important for a person to keep active. That being said, he is an Award-Winning author whose style of writing is keenly reminiscent of that style made popular in the 19th century. He loves the richness extant in the English language normally found in novels of that era and believes that such richness could and should be used to make the reader’s experience as entertaining and rewarding as possible.

James also believes that there should be a graceful flow and sense of meter to each sentence that will carry the reader forward in a novel. It is a manner of writing, he says, that has been lost over time and must be revived. To James, sentences, if carefully written, can and should approach something very much akin to what he calls . . . poetic prose. In short, James believes that it is not just what you write, but how you write it!

James' premier novel, "An October's Journey: Poe's Final Gift" has been named the 2023-2024 Reader Views Literary Award Winner, receiving the "REVIEWERS CHOICE GOLD AWARD" for General Fiction/Novel.

Also, his book has just been named a "FINALIST" in the 2023 Paranormal Book Awards Division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards Competition for Supernatural Fiction!

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