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JJ Ollman

JJ Ollman

I am an active person who enjoys golfing, camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, reading and writing. I live in Southern Minnesota with my wife. I enjoy writing thrillers with a tinge of mystery set in Minnesota. I love stories that are set in the outdoors so of course most of my books have a heavy dose of the rivers and forests in Minnesota. I am currently writing a book set along the North Shore. The main characters are a biracial fifteen year old boy and his grandfather whom he has never met. The grandfather is a mysterious and crusty old man with a colorful and secretive past who lives in the woods near Lake Superior. The grandson lived in North Minneapolis until his black mother died of cancer and his white father abandoned him. He seeks out his grandfather to find out if they could possibly get along and live with him until he comes of age. I plan to have the book ready for publication by May 2022.

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