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M.L. Dunker

M.L. Dunker

M.L. Dunker is a dreamer, a traveler, and a reader who believes the most important piece of paper anyone will ever own is a passport. She also has pretty papers telling of her post graduate degrees in library science and creative writing. She is positive they are packed in a box – somewhere.
Paper is paper, but traveling is experiencing the world. Through her work as a global auditor and her love for self-travel, Marci has feet that will lead her anywhere. She is always looking for more stories about disability rep, gender acceptance, and an appreciation for the nature around us. She fell hard for the mythology of the south Pacific and realized more of the stories needed to be told. Marci is the first to tell you, it is her stories about all the people, places, and events she was lucky enough to encounter in her years working in India, the Philippines, and South, Central, and North America that made her dreams turn into the adventures of Zren Janin and the Wrens.

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