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Pamela Norton Docken

Pamela Norton Docken

Pamela Norton Docken, a mom, a grandmother (best gigs ever) and never ending public servant, began her writing career in 1989 writing comedy. Pamela's comedy writing for stand up grew to writing full length musical comedy plays that have entertained guests in all 50 states and 15 countries. You can see her 'An Ole and Lena Christmas' production in Scandia this winter season.

Pamela's first novel is a departure from writing comedy. Pamela's book, 'I Died Yesterday', is about one possibility of what happens after death. After experiencing her own near death experiences, Pamela was driven to write this book in the hope that even the least of us can have hope in the afterlife. While this is a fictional story about a bitter woman named Teresa, who has to face her life after her death in her search for peace, it has brought hope and even change to all who have read it.

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