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Pey Carter

Pey Carter

Pey Carter is an adventurous nomad who has lived and traveled to over a dozen countries. She served as a broadcast journalist in the U.S. Army and Wisconsin National Guard. These experiences resulted in a passion for using storytelling to help foster deeper discussions and inspire change. Her debut book, Bendy Bones and Stretchy Skin: An Ehlers-Danlos Book, was an instant Amazon bestseller.

Pey identifies as a "neurospicy spoonie", living with eight different diagnoses, all invisible and most impacting her physically. She enjoys using her experiences to help raise awareness about invisible disabilities, especially with K-12 students.

When she isn't writing, Pey enjoys geocaching (although she isn't very good), playing her tenor ukulele (also needs improvement), and preventing her cat, Bear, from taking over the world (so far, so good, A+).

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