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Cynthia Frank-Stupnik

Cynthia Frank-Stupnik

Cynthia Frank-Stupnik is a retired English instructor, an award-winning poet, essayist, and novelist. Her writing depicts the varied Midwest landscapes where she and her family worked and lived. When she moved away from the Mississippi River to live in South Dakota, the land her German-Russian ancestors claimed in the 1870s, she took up pen (or keypad on the computer) in earnest. When she and her husband retired, they returned to family roots deep roots growing up by the Mississippi. Stupnik continued to write, this time about the strong historic women of her hometown, Clearwater, Minnesota, with the strong currents of Old Man River (the Mississippi) always in the background. Stupnik’s writing reflects her faith, family, ancestors, the varied landscapes that tug at her heart, and women’s issues.

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