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Julie Stone

Julie Stone

Julie Stone was born a child of the seventies, complete with rainbow shirts, roller skates and magic rocks. All that whim and whimsey ushered her into the wonderful world of being a teenager in the eighties, something she has a hard time letting go of most days. She grew up watching John Hughes movies, pegging her jeans, and avidly reading everything Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High.

Alas, she had to leave it all behind and become an adult. Graduating from the University of Iowa where, along with a degree in English, she also earned herself a husband and embarked on all of the regular, boring grown up things that come with age. Until the magical world of motherhood brought along a new chapter of joy, terror and sleepless nights. But also, nap time. Suddenly there was occasion to go back to her creative calling and write. Through raising two kids, several moves around the Midwest, those stories and that keyboard kept her company and kept her, relatively sane. (Depending on who you ask.)

Now settled back in her home state, she writes Rom-Coms with a more mature heroine, because Happily-Ever-Afters shouldn’t have an expiration date. Always a fan of big hair and an even bigger fan of Eighties music, she is currently working her way through a bucket list of reunion tours.

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